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The children will experience the ‘great outdoors’ and have an exciting and fun-filled holiday based on the countryside, exercise, games and crafts-based activities. Enjoying walks, nature trails, horse riding, sports, crabbing, rib boat rides as well as evening singsongs. There is always an event or activity to suit the liveliest to the most sensitive of children and bring out their best qualities. Children do not need to bring any of their own food with them. Camp Project Wales pay for the entire cost of the holiday.


Do not take too much


Do not take groceries


Can bring useful items

things to pack

The Packing List

The camp will provide the children with most essential items. You do not need to pack any food, the canteen will provide enough food for all of the children and staff for the full duration of the trip. If you do decide to pack any food, try not to pack anything that may go off during the trip, a few snack items are fine so long as they are in a sealed package.

Check items off the as you pack them to keep yourself organized!

Get ready

for the summer
of a lifetime!

Worried about what to pack and what not to? You can download a copy of our recommended packing list of items to bring with you, just click on the button below.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Please make sure to inform the staff of any extra medication your child may need during camp.

          The trip is fully funded by Camp Project Wales, there is no need for your child to take any money.

          There is no need for your child to take any food with them, all food will be provided for by CWP. Small snack items, like mints are not forbidden.