Who We Are

Who we are & Why we help

The children invited to join Camp Project Wales are nominated by our school reps. School reps can be teachers, teaching assistants or support staff currently working in local schools across Halton, who volunteer with Camp and serve as an invaluable link between us and the children we hope to help. The school reps are each allocated a number of places they are able to offer to the students in their individual school, and they then nominate whoever they feel would benefit most from a holiday. There is a million reasons why a child could be invited to camp: each story is unique, the common factor is that each child is deserving of the opportunity.

What is Camp Project Wales?

Camp Project Wales (CPW) is a Halton based charity, committed to providing a free camping adventure holiday each summer for deserving children, chosen by staff from Halton schools, aged 10-12.

Our holidays help provide a much-needed break for up to 50 children, who will benefit from social or personal development, as well as providing parents or carers a respite period.

It takes over 50 volunteers each year to make Camp Project Wales happen, and together, with your help, we can provide children with an exciting, free and much needed break in the outdoors!


Click the link above to visit our ‘EasyFundraising’ page and support Camp Project Wales. We are a small local charity which provides an annual action and adventure holiday under canvas for a large group of students from the Halton Borough.

What happens at camp?

It is hard to articulate the atmosphere in camp; there’s a unique buzz of excitement and coordinated effort. The children get to experience a week of fresh air, living and exploring in the great outdoors. cwp-flyer-image-1aThe whole week is jam packed; every day is full of educational activities that encourage team building and making friends. There’s never a dull moment at camp; there’s always something to do and someone to talk to. The main aim is for the kids to be happy, engaged and feel like part of a team.

Our camp site is on Anglesey which provides the base for the week, with days out to Beaumaris and Newborough Warren alongside more local activities. Each child gets chance to go rock pooling for creatures, try their hand at kayaking, hunt for crabs, take a rib boat tour, conquer a castle, build a den, show off their swimming skills, test their quiz knowledge in our own version of bongos bingo, meet some furry friends in our interesting animals show, and try their hand at loads of crafts and on site activities we offer. It’s a busy week and we try to put on a broad variety of activities so that everyone has the best time possible no matter what their individual strengths and personality.

Between the more structured activities, there’s always someone to chat to and something going on on site. On arrival the children are placed into villages of 15 children from a mixture of schools and volunteers to look after them within camp. This is the team within which we go on all the trips, and then we come together en mass in the evenings, and this gives us all lots of opportunity to get to know your village members and others at camp.

What’s in it for the kids?

They get, in many cases, their only trip out of Halton this year. They get the experience of camping and learn the joy of sleeping under the stars. They get to experience a bit of rural life surrounded by fields. They get opportunity to try activities and experiences they might otherwise never get to try.

They get to make new friends, not necessarily from their school. They get to build their confidence in a supportive, fun filled environment. They get to be themselves in an inclusive happy space. A short break from home can work wonders for everyone’s mental health; for both the children coming to camp and for their parents or care givers at home.