2019 brought us yet another fantastic camp. Children were greeted into camp for an Airport check-in, where their passports were stamped and bags were checked in.

Not only did we have a new check in process but we also had a new look activity programme this year which meant new activities and a new timetable!

Each village took on a different morning activity each day: canoeing in the sea, taking a hair raising rib boat ride along the Menai straight and exploring the woodland, beach and dunes of Newborough Warren, were on the menu. Lunch each day consisted of sandwiches, crisp, fruit and as many biscuits as you can handle. Those lucky children that were on the rib boat for their morning’s activity were treated to chips and ice cream in Beaumaris (don’t worry, they were fed well for the rest of the day)!

Afternoon’s were filled with onsite activities and a visit to the Lifeboat centre in Moelfre. Beach visits, games and various other activities filled any free time within the day. Then after a very lovely tea (thank you Chefs) the evening’s fun began. On the Sunday we were joined by several animals, birds and reptiles, including a very friendly meerkat. We then filled the remainder of our evenings with a trip to the swimming baths, concerts, games, singing and dancing before bed.

All of the staff and all the children once again had a fantastic week on the field. All of the children left camp having experienced something new: being away from home maybe for the first time, sleeping in a tent for the first time, going on a rib boat or maybe going to the beach for the first time. We can only thank all the volunteers and all the children for making what was once again a wonderful and tiring week. Now it is time to go home and get some well deserved rest.

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